Water Angels in France

14 May 14

Les Anges Aquatiques / Water Angels / Vattenänglar is now released in France.

The Fifth Season out in the UK

24 April 14

Today the 24th of April The Fifth Season is published in UK, Canada and Australia. 

Food Junkie now in Czech

12 March 14

The first translation of my food and travel memoirs Food Junkie is finally out - in Czech. Food Junkie is my personal journey into the heart of the gastronomic universe.

Check out all the restaurants in Europe, Asia, USA and Australia that I mention in the book here. Just click at the links at the end.

Wind Souls in its first translation

03 February 14

Wind Souls (Vindsjälar) is now available in Norwegian, in its very first translation. Wind Souls is the 7th book in my series about crime inspector Malin Fors. The title in Norwegian is Sjeler av vind.

Summer Death is now out in paperback

29 January 14

Summer Death, the second of Mons Kallentofts' four seasonal procedurals, is published in paperback in the US in January 2014. Read a review of Summer Death in Paramus Post:

"A sizzling, heart-pounding murder mystery and a masterful work of literary fiction with a compelling female character at its center, SUMMER DEATH lives up to the promise of its predecessor. Kallentoft’s seasonally-themed crime series has been translated into twenty-six languages and sold over 1.5 million copies. Two more installments—Autumn Sonata and Spring Remains—are slated for publication under the Emily Bestler imprint in 2014 and 2015, respectively. Thanks to the success of this series, Mons Kallentoft has emerged as a rock star on the international crime scene and won the highest accolades from critics too. To quote Magnus Utvik, Sweden’s leading critic, 'Don’t bother with Stieg Larsson...Kallentoft is better.'"

The Paramus Post