Malin Fors Autumn releases

17 October 13

Water Angels has now reached Netherlands, Polen and Norway.
   But that is not all. Summertime Death can now be found in Hungarian as well as Japanese, and Autum Killing will soon be out in Korean, Russian, Brasilian Portuguese and Turkish.
   In November Malin Fors is seizeing a new language when Midwinter Sacrifice is released in Hebrew.
   Finally, 1st of November there will be a brand new crime for Malin Fors, when Wind souls hits the Swedish stores.

Arzak on Swedish television

11 October 13

Yesterday there was a wonderful program on Swedish television SVT about my dear friends Elena and Juan Mari Arzak, chefs and owner of three star restaurant Arzak in San Sebastian, Spain. The tv-show is part of a series where Swedish chef Niklas Ekstedt visit top restaurants around the world.

   Follow the links to watch the show on SVTPlay and to read the story I wrote about the Arzak in 2008. Both are in Swedish and Spanish.

Read more about Arzak in Food Junkie, my latest book that is now out in paperback.

Vindsjälar på bokmässan i Göteborg

25 September 13

På bokmässan i Göteborg i helgen kommer jag presentera min nästa bok Vindsjälar, som släpps den 1:a november. Jag kommer också att prata om de tidigare böckerna i Malin Fors-serien, samt om Food Junkie som kom ut i januari.

   Så här ser mitt program ut:

Food Junkie
fredag 27 september 2013, kl. 11:00
Samtal om Food Junkie med Nina Solomin från Tidningen Vi.

lördag 28 september 2013, kl. 12:00
Jag berättar Vindsjälar och de andra böckerna i Malin Fors-serien. Signering.


lördag 28 september 2013, kl. 13:00
Samtal och signering

Äter gör man ändå dör man
lördag 28 september 2013, kl. 14:30

Jag berättar om min senaste bok Food Junkie

söndag 29 september 2013, kl. 12:00
Samtal och signering

Bloody Scotland on Saturday

11 September 13

This upcoming weekend I am attending Bloody Scotland in Stirling, Scotland, to talk about Savage Spring and my other crimes of the Malin Fors Series. Other crime writers at the crime writing festival are Denise Mina, Val McDermid, Lee Child, Jo Nesbo and Arne Dahl.

This is how my presentation looks like:

The Swedish Storyteller – Mons Kallentoft
Chaired by Alex Gray

Mons Kallentoft is the author of the best-selling crime novels featuring Detective Inspector Malin Fors. Kallentoft has a unique take on telling his stories, weaving in his heroine’s personal life as well as giving a voice to those victims whose murders Malin Fors is determined to solve.

Saturday 14 September, 3.30pm
Academy Suite

Read more here:

A few more great reviews

03 September 13

"Cold permeates this murder mystery like a drafty northern home with a broken heater."
Midwinter Blood, Florida Weekly

"Interestingly, the author more than hints at where the plot is going, but this reader was held in its grips as the story actually unfolded exactly where I thought it must. Malin agonizes about her role as a single mother and her distant relationship with her ex-husband. Chillingly, Kallentoft captures the essence of evil, violence and psychopathic thought processes. The crimes about which he writes are personal and disturbing. He introduces subjects such as the role of immigrants in a changing society and the impact of prejudices in the police force. Once again, he often writes in the first person, even as he switches from one character to another. He also created a fascinating dialogue from the perspective of the deceased victims whose spirits hang in the ethers, watching with horror as they are joined by more victims, trying to find a way to communicate with Malin to bring their killer to justice."
Summer Death, Men reading books

"I certainly enjoyed SAVAGE SPRING. In addition, it is not just potential killers who are under the microscope in this story. Like debris from the explosion in the square,fragments of parent/child relationships are examined throughout the book: Malin and her recently dead mother, Malin and her daughter Tove, the crime victims and their parents, the crime's perpetrators - all are studied in part through the lens of family relationship. These elements enrich SAVAGE SPRING and turn it from a police procedural into a much deeper story which is precisely what drew me to read Scandinavian crime fiction in the first place.
   I am new to Mons Kallentoft's writing, but I am smitten enough to want to retrace the earlier "Malin Fors" books - and look forward to more to come."
Savage Spring, Eurocrime