Book fair in Saint Maur, Paris

06 July 12

Right now I am in San Sebastian writing. Just a week ago I was in Paris for the great paperback-festival in Saint Maur, organised by the genius bookstore owner and critic Gérard Collard.

   Hope to come back nest year. Thanks for taking the photo, Jerome Lambert.

I also met my new publisher in France, point for paperback, and Seuil. Great team. Look forward to France the coming years very much.

Walking and swimming in Linköping

22 June 12

Vattenänglar (Water Angels) is the Summer Serial in Svenska Dagbladet, starting today, Midsummer eve in Sweden. Today there's also a huge interview with me, walking and swimming in Linköping.

   Myself I am in Paris doing promotion right now.

''The sense of a hell on earth, where evil thrives''

18 June 12

Here's very good review of Summertime Death in Canberra Times:

"It is Kallentoft's characterisation and distinctive, often poetic style which make his crime-writing more memorable than most. Fors is ''driven and manic and a bit scary''. As a result she is considered a brilliant detective inspector.
In Summertime Death, Kallentoft explores a common theme in Nordic crime, the abuse of women. It is compelling reading. The atmosphere of oppressive heat creates the sense of a hell on earth, where evil thrives. It is a powerful and disturbing vision."

Read the full review here

Vattenänglar är sommarens stora följetong

15 June 12

Kan du inte vänta till den 13 augusti? Då så. I sommar går Vattenänglar som sommarföljetong i Svenskan. Första kapitlet kan du läsa redan på fredag, alltså på midsommarafton den 22 juni.

''The complex, driven and dangerously flawed Fors''

11 June 12

"MIDWINTER BLOOD is one of those books that will keep you up throughout the night. It is not necessarily a work that can be digested in one sitting; it is arguably too grim and dark for that, though the prose is beautiful. "Poetic” would not be an inappropriate word to describe it. What stays with the reader, however, are the situations and characters to be found within the story, from the haunting (in many senses of the word) voice of Andersson to the complex, driven and dangerously flawed Fors. Make room on your shelf --- and calendar --- for this one."

Joe Hartlaub, 20Somethings Reads (June 2012)