Water Angels by Mons Kallentoft

No 6 in the series about police inspector Malin Fors.

Published in the UK, Canada and Australia the 23 of April 2015
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Inspector Malin Fors is the star of the police force. Stubborn and skilful, intuitive and intelligent. Obsessed. Constantly on the run from herself, constantly absorbed by work.

On a September day she is called to one of Linköping’s more affluent areas. A married couple have been found dead in their Jacuzzi. Their five year-old adopted daughter Ella is missing. The search becomes intense and while heavy rain clouds are watching over the city, Malin Fors and her colleagues are pulled into a case where the borders have become blurred. Between the living and the dead, between good and evil.
   The investigation forces her to confront her own demons, and eventually she can’t resist the urge to let alcohol erase reality. But she knows she can’t give up. She can’t let Ella down. She needs to find her and the one who murdered her parents.