Savage Spring (UK, Canada, Australia)

Published in the UK, Canada and Australia in April 2013.

The fourth novel in the internationally bestselling Malin Fors series, a Swedish crime-writing phenomenon, perfect for fans of the television series The Killing and The Bridge.

The Swedish town of Linköping is bathed in Spring sunshine. The trees are blossoming and families are having breakfast at outdoor tables in the main square.

Then a deafening explosion rips through the air.

Broken glass and tulip petals cover the cobblestones, and two little girls, twin sisters, are killed while their mother is left fighting for her life.

Detective Inspector Malin Fors has just attended her own mother's funeral when she is summoned to the devastating scene. But, although Malin is plagued with questions about her past and the secrets her mother never revealed, she must once again bury her own pain if she is to find Tuva and Mira Vigerö's killer before he strikes again.

"Savage Spring is probably my favourite in the series to date and suggests the books are getting stronger with each new offering." 

Sarah Ward, Crimepieces

"I am new to Mons Kallentoft's writing, but I am smitten enough to want to retrace the earlier "Malin Fors" books - and look forward to more to come."


"I’m no lover of the Scandi-crime genre, but Kallentoft is different and I’ve become hooked. Female friends tell me he is probably the best male writer about women – and certainly his heroine, with all her failings, is a very real character, drawn without a shade of sympathy or mawkishness. Her anger – and that of her colleagues – at the slaughter of innocent children is matched only by their disgust at the world of obsessive greed which provides a background to this terrible crime.

As with the winter, autumn and summer cases, this is no lightweight read. Again, Kallentoft’s brilliant and often almost beautiful writing, combined with a deep understanding of human nature and superb characterisation, make it both compelling disturbing. His unique style blends flashbacks with action, deep analysis with the mundane and his trademark technique of using the voices of the victims to prompt Malin’s own intuitiveness is carried off with an absolute assurance so the psychic twist seems perfectly natural in such a dark setting.

Like the earlier books in this year-long saga of greed, brutality and psychological issues arising from desperation which explode in often pointless violence, Savage Spring will leave you shaken. But Kallentoft’s sometimes meditative and poetic style has produced yet another memorable, shocking and at times, very moving, story. With his work translated into 20 languages, he has a legion of fans – and this book will merely reinforce his claim to be the master of the dark school of Scandinavian crime and one of the cleverest and most perceptive authors in the field."

John Cleal, Crime Review