Food Junkie by Mons Kallentoft

Food Junkie is a dark, frantic, but also completely fascinating journey straight into the heart of the gastronomic universe. We accompany the author in his passionate and manic pursuit of the world’s best gastronomic experiences, from piping hot street food stalls in Bangkok to five star restaurants in New York. Restlessly drifting around the world, Mons Kallentoft recounts the foods, the drinks, the restaurants, the people and the flavours that cause him to spend huge sums of money and that make him forsake almost everything in his search for the ultimate kick.

In this book, gastronomy is a matter of life and death, away to escape and search the truth about oneself. Besides being an excellent food and travel companion, the book is also a poignant love story, a tale of survival, of trying to find a home in the world, and a way to carry on, despite life’s dark undercurrents. Food Junkie is also a tribute to all of those who work in the many restaurants around the globe.