Souls of Air by Mons Kallentoft

No 7 in the series about police inspector Malin Fors

Souls of Air was published in the UK, Canada, Australia in October 2016
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Inspector Malin Fors is the star of the police force. Stubborn and skilful, intuitive and intelligent. Obsessed. Constantly on the run from herself, constantly absorbed by work.

 The air is quivering with heat. An unusual late-summer storm approaches Linköping, and at a mismanaged nursing home 79-year-old Konrad Karlsson is found dead, hung in the cord to his medical alarm button.
    The Circumstances suggest suicide, but when Malin Fors and her associates question people who knew him, they all speak of a man who, despite his ailments, had a strong will to live. He was well-liked by the staff and a kind of surrogate grandfather for Malin’s daughter Tove, who has a summer job at the home.
    The Suspicions that Konrad did not commit suicide are reinforced by the autopsy. An investigation is started, but nothing seems to fit together. The information is contradictory, the course of events confused. Who has anything to gain from the death of a sick old man, even in a society where financial interests seem to count for more than human dignity?