Spring Remains (USA)

The fourth novel in the internationally bestselling Malin Fors series, a Swedish crime-writing phenomenon.

Published March 2015

Praised for writing "vividly and harshly” (The Washington Times) with prose that’s "complex and heartfelt” (Kirkus Reviews), internationally acclaimed author Mons Kallentoft returns with the fourth chilling novel featuring crime investigator Malin Fors.

Spring has finally arrived, filling the Swedish countryside with sunshine and flowers after a long, dark winter. The beautiful weather is lost on Detective Investigator Malin Fors, though, troubled as she is by the unexpected death of her emotionally distant mother and what it might mean for her own fragmented and dysfunctional family. But when an explosion rocks the town square, killing two young girls, leaving their mother fighting for life, and terrifying the entire community, Malin has no time to address her family’s uncertain future. Suddenly the future of her entire city is in danger, and she may be the only one who can save it… 

"The dramatic conclusion will leave the reader eager for the next installment."

Publishers Weekly

"Mons Kallentoft adds another illustrious name to the Swedish detective roll of honor – Malin Fors. She is human and fallible, yet resilient to the last. Spring Remains will please all readers of gritty Scandinavian crime fiction."
Cindy A. Matthews, Authorlink

"Kallentoft is a skilled descriptive writer who contrasts the arrival of spring, a lush season of growth and vitality, with the death and destruction that appalls the citizens of the small Swedish town of Linköping.


It is a gripping and heartrending tale of sadism, fury, and despair that will intrigue fans of multifaceted psychological thrillers."

Eleanor Bukowsky, San Francisco review of books

"The Nordic literary invasion continues without pause. If you like your mysteries with a generous dose of dark explorations of the human soul and psyche, there is plenty to feast on here. One of the best practitioners of this new (to these shores) wave is Mons Kallentoft.
Kallentoft writes long books that move quickly thanks to the third-person present narrative voice that is utilized almost entirely throughout and brings an immediacy to the proceedings. In addition, he has a knack for being able to seamlessly unite the unusual --- in this case, the town square explosion --- with otherwise mundane issues such as family estrangements and secrets (the issue presented here is a major one) in a manner reminiscent of such American masters of police procedural fiction as Ed McBain.
   Kallentoft needs and deserves more recognition in the United States within this already crowded field. Hopefully, SPRING REMAINS and the volumes that have preceded it will gain him wider recognition. Readers certainly will not be sorry."