Devil's Scent by Mons Kallentoft

Could you sense the devil on his scent alone?

Following the successful seasonal and elemental motifs, Mons Kallentoft now launches a new theme about the senses. Once again with complex investigator Malin Fors.

In the first part, The Devil’s Scent, Malin Fors has left Linköping for the swarming metropolis of Bangkok. A city full of scents, colours, sounds and tastes. But also corruption, violence and death.

Malin is on the run. An unsolved case and a personal crisis have thrown her into the kind of despair that can only be cured by copious amounts of alcohol and she is fast hitting rock bottom. As a last solution, she has been taken off duty and offered a temporary position as a liaison officer in Bangkok.

She chooses a solitary existence but the loneliness is hard to cope with and there are temptations everywhere. As usual, her work becomes her salvation and her hunting instinct is triggered by the discovery of a murdered Swedish woman. Who was she? Why was she murdered in such a grisly way? And how was she connected to the Thai man who becomes the next victim?

At the same time as Malin is fighting her demons she is pulled into an investigation that baffles both the Swedish and the Thai police. She has to delve deep into the past in order to find the answers concerning the ruthless killer who is after retribution and revenge.