Souls of Air (UK, Canada, Australia)

A darkly gripping new mystery in the internationally bestselling Malin Fors series.

Linköping's top detective, Malin Fors, is about to take on a case that's a little too close for comfort. Her daughter has just discovered a dead body. It is that of a 79-year-old resident at the nursing home where she works. He's been hanged by his own alarm cord.

At first it looks like a straightforward suicide. But when the autopsy suggests foul play, Malin uncovers some disturbing rumours about the home's management and its millionaire owner. Was it a mercy killing, or was someone trying to silence the victim?

Who could possibly benefit from the death of an elderly man? Only someone with a lot to gain - or a lot to lose...

"Overwhelming sadness and the desolation of people who have no hope is at the heart of Souls of Air, which is beautifully translated from Swedish by Neil Smith. Mons Kallentoft‘s dark novel, akin to social commentary, this time focuses much more on the relationship between mother and daughter. It’s a relationship that is brilliantly nuanced, moving between love, hate and indifference and eventually proves that in this case the blood is thicker than water, or alcohol. Yet Malin despairs of the similarities between their personalities that might push Tove towards the self-destructive path which she knows so painfully well.  

The final twist in the book could be regarded as an example of poetic justice. The unexpected shocking event brings some sort of peace to one of the characters, yet it doesn’t really bring closure for others."

Eva Sherman, Crimereview