Heroine by Kallentoft and Lutteman

HEROINE is the fourth installment in the thrilling series by starring Detective Zack Herry.

A besieged suburb

A missing woman

A deadline of 24 hours

     Stallhagen, autumn 2016. The subway station has been burned down and the buses no longer run in the area. The criminal gangs have taken over completely, and when a police car explodes, the authorities are forced to stop all emergency services call-outs to the area…

     When the myth of Augeas stables is transformed into an ultra-modern thriller the suburbs will turn into war-zones that haunt our worst dystopic nightmares.

“Zack is a very intriguing guy. He hails from a poorer background, he plays on both sides of the law and he is young and bold. This builds spectacular momentum. And Kallentoft’s prose is solid: it is poetic, it is acute.” 

Magnus Utvik, SVT (on Zack)