The Executioner's Kiss by Mons Kallentoft

In The Executioner’s Kiss, Malin is back in Linköping after a long time as liaison officer in the metropolis of Bangkok. She has managed to keep herself sober, but is restless and needs a complicated case to keep her desire to drink in control.

Then a plane gets highjacked at Linköping Airport, and Malin and her colleagues are thrown into the worst hostage situation in Swedish history. The hijacker, who has taken the right to decide over the destiny of others, threatens the lives of over forty men, women and children. Can a few lives be sacrificed to save many?

The highjacking is a tragic event that will have after-effects for a long time to come. When the summer reaches its peak, brutal violence hits Linköping and it’s worse than ever before. Malin must try to stop a murderer who is constantly threatening to recur, and who always seems to be one step ahead.

 The Executioner’s Kiss is the second part in Mons Kallentoft's new series about Malin Fors, this time inspired by the five senses.