ZACK (USA) by Kallentoft Lutteman

Published in January 2018

The gripping first thriller in a chilling new series from the reigning master of Scandinavian crime fiction—Mons Kallentoft, author of the acclaimed Malin Fors novels—is an instant international sensation. 

Zack Herry is the golden boy who has stumbled into a career in the Stockholm police force. At night, he hangs out at the clubs, partying with the people he should really be arresting. He knows that it won’t last, but he can’t help himself, even as he starts being investigated by internal affairs. But when four Thai women from a massage parlor in Stockholm are found brutally executed and a fifth badly mutilated and dumped outside a nearby hospital, Zack must get his act together and try to figure out the motives behind the vicious murders, together with his partner, Deniz. Only one thing is for sure: more women will die unless they find the killer.

"Fallible, full-bodied characters drive an absolutely riveting plot by acclaimed crime-fiction writer Kallentoft in collaboration with biographer Lutteman. Top-notch Swedish noir." 

Michele Leber, Booklist

"I was swept off of my feet and engaged in the story right from the beginning. 

... I loved how the character of Zack was, in a way, a unreliable narrator. I never knew if he was doing the right thing until the very end.

... The author’s writing style was great and I will be picking up future books by him sometime in the near future."

Evil queen book blog

"There were so many things I loved about this book. Between the twists and turns, the "double" life of Zack Herry, the characters, and the plot, I couldn't put this book down.
This book is written with such precision and detail. ... Although the story as a whole was pretty straight-forward, it was also complex. The contradictions that make up Zack Herry are as much of a compliment to his character as they are a flaw.
... I truly hope that the rest of the Zack Herry series is translated and published in the U.S. because I truly want more." 

Amber Goleb

"The writing flows, its fast paced with a lot of action in a short period of time. As this book is over 350 pages, the authors give you a thrill ride trying to find out who is responsible, fighting your own demons and hoping your own two worlds don't collide. Four stars"

Wit and Wonder books

“Zack is a very intriguing guy. He hails from a poor background, he plays on both sides of the law, and he is both young and bold. Combined, this gives the series spectacular momentum. And as most of the time when Kallentoft writes, his prose is solid: it is poetic, it is sharp.

Magnus Utvik, SVT Gomorron Sverige

“Fast-paced, well written, and sometimes a little too disconcerting.”

Lotta Olsson, Dagens Nyheter

“Zack is truly an outstanding crime novel that you shouldn’t miss!”