Zack Herry, Stockholm Police Force

Meet Zack Herry. The modern Hercules

Zack Herry is the modern Hercules, a broken young man with many holes to fill, but also with a brilliance as an investigator. He is handsome, strong, almost like a half god. He is torn by doubt about his life and his childhood. Who am I? Who will I be? How should I conquer this world? A genius police detective by day, a drug addict and a butterfly in Stockholm's night clubs at night.

The Hercules Series about Zack Herry, Deniz Atkin, Douglas Juste and their colleagues in the Stockholm Police Force is now published in 13 languages, including English, French, German and Japanese. 

Mons Kallentoft co-writed his first four books about Zack with writer Markus Lutteman. His new co-writer for the fifth and sixth book in the series, Falco and Albino, is the crime writer and former police inspector Anna Karolina.