Satans bite by Mons Kallentoft

Spring is in the air in Linköping and things are looking up for Malin Fors. Though still haunted by the ghosts of her past and years of substance abuse and self-destruction, it seems she is finally on an even keel. Malin’s daughter Tove has moved to Stockholm to pursue a career in finance and left her with enough head space to focus on her personal life and a promising new love interest.

But when a young gay man is found brutally killed in a well-known cruising area of a park, Malin is soon thrown headfirst into a complicated murder case. His body has been defiled and the investigators make a harrowing discovery: deep bite marks on the body – which seem to come from another human.

When yet another man is found murdered, also he homosexual, signs point toward a hate crime – but Malin struggles to find a clear motive and instead begins looking deeper into the first victim’s past. The young man was a loner and genius chemist at a successful startup, and soon information surfaces that suggests the murder may be related to his field of work.

A short while back, Malin had a relapse into alcoholism and her boss Karim is now keeping her under strict observation. As part of the rehabilitation process, she must submit regular drug tests to her employer. Somehow her most recent test comes back positive – even though Malin swears she is clean. Does she have an enemy on the inside, someone who has contaminated her test?

Clues in the murder investigation lead to Saudi, Congo, the US – and the red thread seems to be ruthless greed exploiting the most vulnerable: children. At the same time, Malin is having second thoughts about her new boyfriend  who seems almost too good to be true.

In this explosive thirteenth instalment in Mons Kallentoft’s critically acclaimed bestselling series about Malin Fors, our longstanding heroine must fight her own weaknesses and desires in order to solve a seemingly impossible case.