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MONS KALLENTOFT (born 1968) is a Swedish crime novelist best known for his series featuring the deeply flawed yet brilliant police detectives Malin Fors and Zack Herry. Beloved for his unusual combination of realism and the supernatural, psychological insight, intricate plots and raw, poetic prose, Mons Kallentoft has been dubbed a reigning master of Scandinavian crime. The to date twelve Malin Fors and five Zack Herry crime novels and are available in 30 languages. 

   See me fall is a stand alone novel set in Palma, Spain and was published in Swedish in May 2019.

When Mons Kallentoft had his debut novel Pesetas published, he was subsequently awarded the prestigious Katapultpriset, the Swedish Writers Association’s Award for Best Debut Novel 2000. His second novel Marbella Club further increased his reputation as one of Sweden's most interesting new writers, a position which was cemented with Food Noir, a multi-awarded collection of groundbreaking essays on food and travel.

In 2007, Midvinterblod (Midwinter Sacrifice/Midwinter Blood) - his fourth novel and first venture into Scandi crime fiction - became quickly one of the bestselling books in Sweden. His second book about police inspector Malin Fors, Sommardöden (Summertime Death/Summer Death) was published in May 2008 and was followed by Höstoffer (Autumn Killing) in May 2009, Vårlik (Savage Spring/Spring Remains) in May 2010 and Den Femte Årstiden (The Fifth Season) in June 2011, Vattenänglar (Water Angels) in August 2012, Air Souls in November 2013, Jordstorm (Earth storm) in November 2014, Eldjägarna (Fire Hunters) in October 2015, Djävulsdoften (Devils Scent)  in October 2016, Bödelskyssen (The Executioner's kiss), which was published in October 2017.

   The latest book about Malin Fors is Himmelskriket (A Cry to Heaven), published in October 2018.

In 2011 Midwinter Sacrifice was published in UK, Australia and Canada. It was followed by Summertime Death and Autumn Killing in 2012, Savage Spring in 2013 and The Fifth Season in April 2014, Water Angels in April 2015, Souls of Air in October 2016 and Earth Storm which was published in January 2018. In 2012 Midwinter Blood was published in USA, and was followed by Summer Death in 2013, Autumn Killing in September 2014 and Spring Remains in March 2015. 
   The Malin Fors crime series are now available in more than 28 countries.

Zack is the first book in the Hercules Series written by Mons Kallentoft and co-writer Markus Lutteman. Zack was published in Swedish in June 2014 and is translated into French, Dutch, Polish, Czech and Danish among others and will be published in USA in January 2018. Leon is the second book and Bambi the third in the series. The forth and last book written with Markus Lutteman is Heroine, published in June 2017. The fifth and latest book in the series is Falco and is co-written with Anna Karolina, crime-writer and former police inspector. Falco was published in Swedish in June 2018.

   Zack was published in US in January 2018.

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