Malin Fors, Linköping Police Force

Meet Malin Fors. Talented. Troubled. With a sixth sense for the truth.

Malin Fors.

Thirty-four years old. Blond, athletic.

Born, raised and still residing in the provincial town of Linköping, Sweden.

Single. Divorced with a teenage daughter.

As a human being, Malin Fors is always on the verge.

She is on the verge of being addicted to Tequila, to having rough sex with her lover, the journalist Daniel. She is on the verge of becoming a workaholic, and is always liable to letting her strong emotions and repressed memories to dictate her life.

In her job, she is constantly moving through the borderland between life and death. She is the most complex-ridden superintendent who has ever worked at the Linköping Police, but also the best. And the most talented. With intuition, acumen and courage she navigates her colleagues through crime investigations so gruesome that they make the darkest of nightmares look like cosy fairy tales.

Malin Fors shares many traits with the classical hero of Scandinavian crime fiction. But still she is one of a kind: a strong, young woman who is trying to find her path in life, a violent and hazardous path, filled with adrenalin and surprises. Readers who have chosen to join Malin Fors on this journey find themselves asking for more and more and more. 

Be careful. She´s addictive.

Eleven books written, at least fourteen planned in the Malin Fors series.