Autumn Killing by Mons Kallentoft

No 3 in the series about Swedish police inspector Malin Fors.

Autumn Killing was published in UK, Canada and Australia in September 2012.

Autumn Killing was published in the USA in September 2014.

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It is Autumn in Linkoping and the heavens have opened, but not even these biblical rains can wash away the blood of crimes past and present.Then the brutally-stabbed body of self-made Internet billionaire Jerry Petersson is discovered floating facedown in the moat surrounding his home, the imposing Skogsa Castle.Malin Fors, the brilliant but flawed star of the Linkoping police force, is already struggling to keep her life together following the recent murder attempt on her teenage daughter, Tove. Now, as the Petersson case forces Malin to delve deep into Linkoping's history and her own family's past, the secrets she uncovers threaten to drown her, too ...


"Tense, black and gripping"

Jenni Mortin, The Starphoenix

"With his third book about Malin Fors it´s perfectly clear that Kallentoft aspires to be the king of Swedish crime writing. The story begins when castle owner and lawyer Jerry Peterssons´s body is found floating in a moat. A really scary and thrilling story about money and greed."

David Bogerius, TV4

"Among the best you can read in Swedish litterature right now."

Magnus Utvik, SVT Gomorron Sverige

"...I could write plenty about Mons Kallentoft's qualities as a writer. He has developed his own style; it is not the first novel where he allows the victim to appear as a sort of parallell storyteller to the here and now. Not in a tiring supernatural way, but as a stylistic tool rather than flashbacks."

Anders Wennberg, Gefle Dagblad

"With this book Kallentoft yet again shows signs of the compassion and anger that was present already in his first two works of fiction, Pesetas (2000) and Marbella Club (2002), and such a commitment can only be welcomed."

Per Planhammar, Göteborgs-Posten

"But what is Malin Fors's weakness turns out to be the novel's strength. Because it is obvious that it's in the despair, the social insecurity and the addiction to alcohol that Mons Kallentoft finds his largest source of inspiration."

Ingegärd Waaranperä, Dagens Nyheter