Attractive, Healthy and Spontaneous by Mons Kallentoft

They seem to be the perfect family.

They are both successful
in their careers, have two lovely young children and an expensive apartment in Stockholm. They share the household chores, carefully listed on paper in Excel format. But behind the façade, something is amiss. He tries to understand his life by applying marketing and trademark theories to it, and she disappears for long, nocturnal walks.

Then, the idea of a project occurs to him. His very own, private project, which will give meaning and direction to his existence. A real scorcher of a project…

Fräsch, frisk och spontan (Attractive, Healthy and Spontaneous) is Mons Kallentoft’s third novel, depicting the disintegration of a family.

About the book
First published by Natur och Kultur, Sweden, 2005.
203 pages.


"Funny about thirty-somethings"
Damernas Värld

"One of the autumns must-reads!"
Swedish Radio P4

"…reminds me of Falling Down with Michael Douglas and Bret Easton Ellis. (...) he writes about this fantastically. (...) a wonderful, short, little book."
Swedish Television, SVT Morgon

"A sharp-eyed, middle-of-life story, with a sharply captured, worrying core of darkness and male alienation..."

"Fräsch, frisk och spontan (Attractive, Healthy and Spontaneous) is an elegant story, well written, rich in detail and as unpleasant as an ingrown toenail in its depiction of today’s over-thirty crowd in Stockholm."
Anna Hellsten, Sydsvenskan