Pesetas by Mons Kallentoft

Pesetas is set in Madrid, Spain.

Three men and two women, all in their thirties and tired of their jobs and life in general, are looking for something new and different. One of the men tries his hand at pushing cocaine, which he steals from letters in the post office where he works. But all of a sudden the stream of letters stagnate, resulting in a collectively desperate fiscal situation. The men decide to solve the crisis by robbing a bank, because what has once been must always be replaced by something else.

Pesetas is a novel about the lives of young people in a new, growing Europe. It is exciting, fast-paced and entertaining with an almost cinematic feel.

About the book

First published by Legenda, Sweden, 2000.

305 pages.


Katapultpriset - the Swedish Writers' Association's Award for Best Debut 2000


"A stylish debut!"


"Kallentoft is good at describing surroundings and he provides a good description of Madrid before the thrilling action itself takes off and he no longer seems to have the time for details pertaining to the atmosphere. One is also impressed by his personal portraits, which he creates so carefully. It is about individualized psychological portraits, which are far superior to those based upon clichés."

Tommy Olofsson